Wolf Photographers is a studio born to be different in every aspect, not only in a photographic level, but also in an ethic and professional level.

We are

social and wedding photographers

with our own special look. Our photography always seeks natural pictures, no matter if we are shooting a wedding or a studio session.

Our style is photojournalism mixed with artistic photography, perfect for fine art prints. We think that best pictures are the most spontaneous ones, without too many interruptions and instructions that would lead to boring albums and that wouldn't show our clients true personality and style.

We want you to relax and enjoy every moment, that's why we like to spend time with you, so you can get to know and trust us better. We always like to make some informal photos before the big day, it's the best way to help you feel confident and get better results.

We shoot a lot of pictures, because we know that there is no other way to get all those little, special and unrepeatable moments that you want to see and remember forever. Where others measure quantity, we measure the final quality of our work, even if it means more photos, efforts and work.

Our album designs are always exclusive, we don't pay anybody to do our job and we don't use templates based software. We personalize every detail to make sure you get exactly what you want, a spectacular and impressive album that you will be proud to show everybody.

We also believe that in our sector quality can't get along with quantity. We have seen too many times how some photographers only care about selling as much as they can, get saturated and end up making poor jobs. They show you their best jobs to make you buy, but send you a week-end photographer that you have never seen, and will end up doing your album as fast as they can to go for the next one. The best work in every sector is always artisan...

In Wolf Photographers we want to be close to our clients and fight to always give the best quality and creativity. Our best awards are the recurring recommendations from our clients!

We mainly work in the Catalonian country of Spain, but we love travelling and destination weddings. Our agenda is very busy, and since we only make one wedding per day, we can't accept all requests, so if you are interested, please reserve your day as soon as posible.

Montse Wolf & Frederic Wolf